ALM Strategies & Roadmap

Support you to build you IT organization around the integrated ALM.

SAP Solution Manager Implementation
ITSM Processes

IT Service Management provides central message management and processing. With its integration of SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM), IT Service Management allows you to contact all parties involved in a message. These include all users of the system landscape or your company's solutions, such as employees, customers, consultants, or support staff


Designed to support operations (business processes, incident, problem, change management, service desk operations)

Connect to an external help desk, set up service connections, and access SAP Service & Support


Capture, document, and track all incidents from creation to resolution

Increase IT support productivity

Deliver the best solution in a timely manner  

Enhance customer satisfaction

ChaRM (for Change Control Management)

This process control changes in all projects (implementation, template or upgrade projects) with a comprehensive workflow. You create requests for change, edit them if necessary, and implement changes. You can perform the change request management activities across technology stacks and application components.


Ongoing software and configuration changes

Integrates SAP CRM business transaction functionality for managing request for change

Predefined set of workflow and processes provided by the ITIL

Support Urgent Changes in the productive environment


Increase maintenance and project efficiency

Minimized costs for project management and IT

Reduced risk of correction and project failure

Shorter correction, implementation, and going-live phase

Efficient maintenance of customer developments and implementations

Transparency and documentation of the change process from approval of a request for change to the transport of changes into follow-on system

Change Control Management Analytics:
The administration of the change control comprises the following measures:
  • Change and Transport System and Enhanced Change and Transport System

    Allows you to distribute software changes of ABAP and non-ABAP objects (for example, Java archives) in your system landscape. The Transport Organizer Web UI is a browser-based Web Dynpro ABAP application to manage transports of non-ABAP objects. You can create transport requests and get an overview of all transports in a system.
    The integrated import checks is able to check for predecessor transports in the import queue or for potential downgrading transports.

  • Quality Gate Management

    Provides a phase-based overview of the status of your software change projects. The project phases end in quality gates. By releasing a quality gate, the import lock is removed and an import into subsequent systems is possible. As long as a project is in the initial status, no changes and transports can be create

  • Change Request Management

    Allows you to process your projects universally in SAP Solution Manager: from change management and project planning, through resource management and cost control, to the physical transport of the changes from the development environment into the production environment.

SAP Solution Manager Maintenance & Support

Whether before, during or after the implementation of a project, Ovee team can support you occasionally or regularly in your activities by ensuring a quality of service adapted to your needs and requirements.

Our Service Delivery Center will pay attention to your different request (incident, evolution, question, analysis, support…). An answer will be promptly provided for support and resolution. The dedicated team is available during the office hours (Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 6 pm). On demand, a specific period can be defined (Go live deployment for example).

Inside the Service Delivery Center, standardized service can be proposed. These standardized services are identified as useful, strongly recommended and requested by our customers. Ovee will follow you and will suggest additional functionalities in order to bring more added value to your processes already implemented and run.

With a view to build a trusted relationship with our customers, when we finish a configuration, we can deliver a documentation which explain entirely what we did to obtain this result. We create the documentation in such a way that you can understand and repeat easily the configuration to improve your skills in SAP.

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